Conyers Wellness Center

Neuromuscular Massage - Reflexology - Reiki - Yoga - Qigong - Shaktipat Meditation - Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy - Alkaline Water, Chiropractic and more!

Our site is currently being updated.  Please see below for a list of our current services.  Call 770-760-1150 to schedule a session.  A receptionist is available to take your call Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am - 12pm, 3pm - 7pm  and Tuesday from 3pm - 7pm. 

CURRENT SERVICES - Updated 6/06/12

Alkaline Water - KANGEN System; bring your own container.  Availability:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9am - 12pm, 3pm - 7pm and Tuesday from 3pm - 7pm.  Not available Thursday or weekends.


Chiropractic - Belanger Chiropractic Life Center at Conyers Wellness Center.

Detoxifying Foot Bath - Availability: Wednesday only by appointment.

Ear Candling

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy - performed by a Licensed Massage Therapist:  Deep Tissue,  Lymphatic Drainage, Sports, Pregnancy, injury related and more.  Availability:  By appointment only, based on massage therapist's individual schedule, Monday - Saturday.

Nutrition Response Testing - Availability:  Thursday only by appointment.

Polarity Therapy

Reflexology - Hands and feet.  Can be incorporated into your full body massage or you can request reflexology only.


Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy  with Deanna Shank Rees, L.C.S.W.

NEW!  Subtle Energy / Emotional Detox / Structural Integration with Regina Roland

NEW!  Shaktipat Meditation with Regina Roland

NEW!  INTRO to QIGONG with Regina Roland

NEW!  INTRO to YOGA with Eva Young


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Physical Address:  1451 A, 1451 C, 1453 B, 1453 C Klondike Road SW, Conyers, Ga 30094


Phone:  770-760-1150

Fax:  770-760-8414